Russian Metal Artworks

Miracle lamp with rectangular porcelain screen

    Miracle lamp with rectangular porcelain screen

    Russian Empire

    The 1800s

    Bronze, stone, biscuit; casting, knurling, carving, grinding, gilding, chasing

    45.6 x 25.5 x 27.5 cm


    Miracle lamp for two candlesticks with movable rectangular screen made from bisque porcelain layer called "lithophany", framed by narrow smooth gilded bronze rim on oval stone base with four gilded bronze curled feet, with bronze handle. The low embossed image of St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna is on the shade. The screen is fixed between two bronze rods attached to the base by gilded bronze slotted frieze. Two gilded bronze cylindrical candle cups with bent back edges, connected by stylized gilded bronze vase are fixed on the base, between the rods. The candle cups are connected with stylized bronze gilded flowerpot. The handle is in the shape of a bird feather.