Russian Metal Artworks

Miracle lamp with rectangular shade with seascape

    Miracle lamp with rectangular shade with seascape

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    The 19th century

    Alexander Kordes silverware workshop

    Silver, parchment; casting, chasing, watercolour, mounting

    Tray: 32.0 x 20.0 cm; height 68.0 cm

    Marks: “AK”; “M.K./1834”; “84”; Saint-Petersburg city mark


    Silver miracle lamp for four candles with rectangular parchment screen, framed with narrow silver rim is on tray-shaped oval base. Graphic image of a seascape with delicate modelling appears on the shade when illuminated from the inner side. Narrow silver frame is decorated with stylized fancy flowers and gothic curls; protruding, openwork, curly stripe with curls stylized buds and a finial in the upper part center. The shade is fixed on rectangular rod topped with high Gothic style turret. Movable nozzle is mounted on the rod beneath the screen. The nozzle is with four stylized bud-shaped candle cups, decorated with openwork ornament comprised of peaked turrets, Gothic style arches and curls. The rod is mounted on hexagon-shaped pedestal with a smooth oval tray-shaped base. The embossed image of a full-length armoured knight with weapon is placed on each pedestal facet. The tray edge is ornamented with the stripe of ovoid ornament. The miracle lamp is realised in the Gothic style.