Russian Metal Artworks

Chandelier for six candles

    Chandelier for six candles

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    Second half of the 19th century

    Friedrich Bergenfeldt workshop

    Bronze; casting, gilding, chasing, presswork, patination

    Height - 68.0 cm, diameter - 61.0 cm


    The Empire style chandelier from dark patinated bronze is made in the form of antique oil lamp-bowl, suspended on three chains to the crown with gilded leafy rosette. Hemispherical bowl with gilded rim and high narrow cylindrical throat with gilded-rimmed bell is decorated with onlay gilded leafy rosette with small hanging knob in the lower part. Cone-shaped pommel adorns the throat. The rim with six gilded arms, decorated with leaves and flower rosettes protruding from it, with cylindrical candle cups is adorned by onlay figurines of swans with spread wings, placed between candle holders.