Russian Metal Artworks

Mug with built-in the lid medal of 1774 with Cyrillic inscription

    Mug with built-in the lid medal of 1774 with Cyrillic inscription

    Russian Empire, Moscow (?)

    The 1870-1880s

    Timofei Ivanov and Johann Baltasar Gass (medalists)

    Silver; casting, chasing, gilding, carving

    Height 26.0 cm


    Cylindrical silver mug, partly gilded, with hinged lid with thumb ramp in the form of a bud, with ornately shaped handle, on three feet. The medal of 1774 in memory of the Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca is built in the mug lid.

    Half face bust portrait of Empress Catherine II with the Cyrillic inscription along the circle is on the medal obverse. Allegorical image of a woman with banner as a symbol of victory ashore and afloat is on the medal reverse. A warship sailing in the sea is to the left of the woman image; banners, shields, cannons with cannon balls and other military attributes are to her right. Two Cyrillic inscription are around the circumference. The mug body is covered with carved pattern comprised of three round medallions framed by rocaille ornament of lush leaves, curls, fan-shaped palmettes, fancy creatures and masks. The images of an eagle with spread wings resting on Putti and two torches behind its back (central medallion), and two Putties supporting a flowerpot (lateral medallions) are inside the medallions. Carved monogram comprised from the letters "AГ" is from the side of adorned with foliage decoration ornately shaped handle. The mug crown and bottom are emphasized with oak leaves garland. Scaly ornament is on three melon-shaped feet.