Russian Metal Artworks

Jewellery box

    Jewellery box

    Russian Empire, Moscow


    Girshi Lizerin silverware workshop

    Silver; presswork, gilding

    12.1 x 8.0 x 8.0 cm

    Marks: workshop – “ГЛ”; tee of Moscow assay office: initials of assay master A. Artsybashev “A.A.” above the date “1889”; silver alloy “84” and Moscow coat of arms- St. George the Victorious, slaying the dragon with his spear


    Silver box, gilded inside, made in the Russian style in the form of a wicker square birch-bark basket with a flap lid. The box sides have specific textured surface that imitates three different variants of basketwork out of splint. Smooth flap lid ends with smooth round grip.