Russian Metal Artworks

Mug with Cyrillic inscription

    Mug with Cyrillic inscription

    Russian Empire, Moscow


    Ovchinnikov factory

    Silver; casting, carving, gilding

    Height 23.5 cm

    Marks: “ПО”; “П.ОВЧИННИКОВ”, two-headed eagle – Russian Empire coat of arms; the Imperial court Supplier; tee of Moscow assay office: initials of assay master A. Artsybashev –“A.A.” above the date “1894”, silver alloy “84” and Moscow city coat of arms - St. George, the Victorious on horseback, striking a dragon with his spear.


    Cylindrical silver mug, gilded inside on ring-shaped profiled base, with hinged lid with thumb ramp, with handle. The mug body upper and the lower parts are decorated with carved ornamental belt of spiral grass curls with leaves rosettes and flowers hanging like lambrequins. The mug crown is decorated with the belt of engraved flowers. The base is adorned with foliage-geometric ornament of five-petal flowers “woven” in the drop-shaped frames. Carved Cyrillic inscription is on the mug body. The edge of slightly convex lid is decorated inside with flower rosettes and lozenges braid. Smooth round medallion surrounded by lush plant shoots, is in the center. Geometrized handle is smooth and free of decor.