Russian Metal Artworks



    Russian Empire, Moscow


    Silver, enamel; filigree enamel, gilding, filigree

    8 x 21.7 x 10.3 cm

    Mark of the unknown master “AЛ”; tee of Moscow district assay office with silver alloy “84”; initials of the district office manager I. Lebedkin “ИЛ”. Restoration mark; mark Moscow jeweller M. Maslov; tee of Moscow assay office of the Soviet period after 1927 with alloy “875” and district code - the Greek letter “Delta”; identification mark of the Soviet period assay office in 1954-1958


    Ladle in the shape of a rowing boat with slightly curved nose, with low sides, on the base, with boot-shaped handle, made in the Neo-Russian style. A belt comprised of geometric ornament comprised of a row of ring-shaped filigree enamels over filigree ornates the ladle crown and the base. The color scheme of enamels is based on the combination of white, blue and turquoise shades, complimented by translucent glimmering enamel with addition of gold foil pieces (“sur paillon”). The handle edges are rimmed by the row of filigree white enamel rings. The ladle nose is emphasized by smooth silver onlay.