Russian Metal Artworks

Paired pitchers

    Paired pitchers

    Russian Empire, village Krasnoe on the Volga river


    The 1st Krasnoselskaya Artel

    Silver, crystal; faceting, casting, gilding, carving

    Height 29.3 cm

    Artel mark: “1K.A.”; tee and certification mark of Petersburg district assay office in 1899-1908


    Paired conical crystal pitchers faceted with geometric pattern, comprised of stars and notches, with silver rims of the throat with spout, hinged lids with thumb ramps and ornately shaped handles. Rims are smooth and free of décor. Thumb ramps are made in the form of stylized palmettes; smooth ornately shaped handles are adorned with curls. There are Carved monograms, dates (1882-1907; XXV) and Cyrillic dedicatory inscriptions are on the hinged lids’ inner and external sides as well as on the rims of both pitchers.