Russian Metal Artworks

Cruet stand

    Cruet stand

    Russia, Moscow


    Khlebnikov factory

    Crystal, silver; forge-rolling, presswork, gilding

    8.5 x 7.0 x 7. 0 cm

    Marks: "ХЛЕБНИКОВЪ", double-headed eagle, "ИХ", Moscow district Assay Department tee 1908-1917; certificate marks of Moscow district Assay Department 1908-1917


    Cruet stand, comprised of three crystal bottles of rhombus shape, with silver-rimmed necks and removable lids, with small slotted apertures in the openwork stand in the Neoclassical style. The circular-shaped  necks' rims  of the bottles are smooth and without any decor. The lids are ornated with frieze with stylized foliage geometric pattern and stylized fasces.  The hexagon stand sides are decorated with the images of kneeling female figures in antique togs, resting against baskets and holding garlands in their hands.