Russian Metal Artworks



    Russia, Moscow


    Khlebnikov factory

    Crystal, silver, chrysoprases; faceting, casting, chasing, forge-rolling, gilding

    Height 35.0 cm

    Marks: "ХЛЕБНИКОВЪ", double-headed eagle; Moscow district Assay Department tee 1908-1917 with silver alloy "84" , mark of Moscow district assay department 1908-1917


    Crystal biconical vase faceted with geometric pattern, with silver-rimmed neck rim and two ornately –shaped Russian style handles. The neck ring-shaped rim is decorated with a string of pear-shaped beads, ornamented stones inserts, relief patterns of stylized curls, buds and flowers. Ornately shaped medallion with the engraved facsimile signatures is in the rim center. The similar signatures are on the rim upper edge surface. The S-shaped handles are decorated with the images of Sirins, stylized leaves and rosettes.

    The presented vase is a custom made, memorable, collective gift as evidenced by many facsimile signatures. The integration a Sirin image- a mythological creature of the Russian legends testifies the gift good will and the best wishes of those who presented it. People in those times believed only happy people could hear a Sirin, while only very few could see one because she is as fast and difficult to catch as human happiness.