Russian Metal Artworks

Honey pot

    Honey pot

    Russia, Moscow


    Sazikov firm

    Glass, silver; faceting, casting, chasing, gilding. forge-rolling, frosting

    19.2 х 16.7 х 16.7 cm

    Marks: "САЗИКОВЪ", double-headed eagle; "И.К/1881", "84"; Moscow city coat of arms


    Glass honey pot is made in the form of a barrel, square faceted, with silver-rimed crown and removable lid. It stands on the silver plate with the Russian style circular base. The plate is decorated with foliage pattern. The circular rim of the crown is smooth and free from any decor. The lid s decorated with pearls-shaped details and geometric ornament, is surmuonted with a seeder figure. 
    The set comprised of honey pot and saucer was meant tea table setting.