Firma “Sazikov”

The history

 Firm "Sazikov"

The Moscow-Petersburg jewelry firm "Sazikov" was founded in Moscow in 1793 by the owner of a silverware workshop, merchant Pavel Fedorovich Sazikov. In 1810, he opened a factory producing silverware and a store, which, at the end of the 1830s, after his death, passed to his son Ignaty Pavlovich (1793-1868), who won the fame of an outstanding jeweler of the middle of the 19th century.

He fully devoted himself to his father’s business, traveling abroad, where he studied the features of precious metal products manufacturing. Having headed the company, I.Sazikov not only introduced  at the factory division of labor for masters in accordance with the specialties, which had a positive effect on the quality and quantity of products manufactured, but  was also one of the first in Russia to organize a special department of 80 people to teach various jewelry specialties. He actively used new Western technologies, acquiring modern equipment. He was the first in Russia to buy a guilloche machine, delivered from France in 1843. To create the projects and models, I. Sazikov invited famous sculptors and artists, among them - I. Vitali, P. Klodt, F. Solntsev.

Constantly expanding production, in 1842 I.Sazikov, who had the title of the court supplier since 1837,  opened a branch of the company in St. Petersburg.

In the middle of the XIX century the company was considered one of the best, being the ancestor of the Russian style in the jewelry art. It had honorary diplomas, small and large gold medals from the All-Russian exhibitions of artistic and industrial goods in 1835, 1849, 1853, 1861, 1865, as well as a large gold medal and the Order of the Honorary Legion from the world exhibitions in London in 1851 and Paris in 1867. I.Sazikov received not only world recognition, but also European orders. The most famous his works were in fine sculptural plastic on the national theme. Among the jewelry techniques, besides chasing and casting, which were predominant, the masters used enamel, engraving and mobile.

After I.P. Sazikov’s death in 1868, the business went to his sons: Sergei (1823-1880) and Pavel (1815-1877) in Moscow, Valentin (1830-1877) - in St. Petersburg. The shops and factories of the Sazikovs existed until 1887, after which they belonged to the firm of I. Khlebnikov.

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