Russian Metal Artworks

Wooden tub-shaped mug

    Wooden tub-shaped mug

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg


    Nordberg Joseph, Sazikov firm

    Silver; casting, presswork, repousse, gilding

    14.6 x 15.0 x 10.4 cm

    Marks: “САЗИКОВЪ”; two-headed eagle – Russian Empire coat of arms; initials of Saint-Petersburg assay master Edward Brandenburg “E.Б” above the date “1865”; Saint-Petersburg city mark; alloy “84”; medal of the 1851th Great London Exhibition with half-face images of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria


    Silver gilded tankard with hinged lid with thumb ramp and curved handle. The tankard is in the Russian style in the shape of a peasant wooden barrel: cylindrical, slightly tapering to the top, covered with carved pattern imitating wood texture, body is strapped in the upper and bottom parts by hoops. The surface of the hinged flat lid with ornately shaped edge is covered with the same pattern; the unfilled smooth medallion is in the lid center. Ornately shaped handle is adorned with carved foliage ornament over the repoussed background.