Russian Metal Artworks

Piggy bank with miniature lock and key

    Piggy bank with miniature lock and key

    Russia, Moscow


    V.S. Semenov silverware workshop

    Silver; chiselling, niello, notching, repousse, gilding

    11.5 х 13.0 х 10.4 cm

    Marks:"ВС"; "ВС/1870", "84", Moscow city coat of arms


    Silver, gilded rectangular piggy bank shaped as a casket raised upon four feet, with a hinged lid and a throw-on tongue of a padlock. Each side with a nielloed view of Moscow, the domed hinged lid with the Cyrillic inscription “He who saves money will live without need”. All images are on gilded repousse background in rectangular frames with the inclusion of a foliage pattern. Padlock with the key are in the set.