Russian Metal Artworks



    Russia, St. Petersburg


    Nickols and Plinke firm; Robert Kokhun bronze and silverware factory

    Silver; casting, punchwork, engraving, gold plating

    Diameter 43.5 cm

    Marks: "N.P."; two-headed eagle; "R.K."; "P.M/1867"; "84"; St. Petersburg coat of arms


    Flat round tablemat with plain bottom and profiled side, partially gold plated. A garland of wild flowers and herbs, tied with a bow is depicted on the side. The tablemat bottom is decorated with the engraved image of armoury pair - a lion and a unicorn, supporting two coats of arms above the Imperial crown (the so-called "A marriage coat of arms"). One coat of arms belongs to the family of Hanover king George V, and the other - to his spouse, Maria Saxen-Altenburg. The figure "XXV" is engraved beneath the coat of arms. It is framed by ribbon with the motto of Hanover kings: "Suscipere et finire" ("To start and finish", Latin). A date is engraved under the marriage coat of arms: "1843 DEN 18 FEBRUAR 1868". The character of the dish decor demonstrates that it was a gift for the 25th anniversary of the last Hanover king George V (1819-1978) and his spouse Maria Saxen-Altenburg (1818-1907) wedding.