Russian Metal Artworks

Electrical desktop bell

    Electrical desktop bell

    Russia, St. Petersburg

    the 1890's

    Fabergé firm, Perkhin gold and silverware workshop

    Gold, Beloretskiy quartzite (?), diamonds, sapphire (?); casting, presswork. chasing

    Diameter 3.7 cm

    Marks: "ФАБЕРЖЕ", "МП"; St. Petersburg city mark with alloy "56"; Inv. No. "629...6 (?, illegible)



    Electrical desktop bell on round base with three feet, with a call button made of blue cabochon framed by a belt of diamond roses. The conical bell case made of beige ornamental stone with brown-pink stains is decorated with onlay gold belts in the form of oak branches with miniature leaves and acorns. The base, made of gold, is decorated with a wicker frieze. Golden corrugated feet are made in the form of inverted hemispheres. The desktop bell decor is in the Neo classical style.