Russian Metal Artworks

Electrical desktop bell

    Electrical desktop bell

    Russia, St. Petersburg


    Silver, wood, cabochon, plastic; casting, presswork, forge-rolling

    5.1 x 5.1 x 5.1 cm

    Marks: illegible master’s mark; tee of St.Petersburg District Assay office 1899-1908 ; alloy number "88"


    Electrical desktop bell made of polished wood in the shape of a tetrahedral pedestal, with a call button made of gray-blue cabochon. The surface of the bell lateral facets is decorated with onlay floral ornament of loop-shaped branches with leaves enclosed in the frame. The corners of the bell upper facets are decorated with the same floral ornament. A belt of forged-rolled pattern with the image of a holly underlines the bottom and top surfaces of the bell.