Perkhin gold and silverware workshop

The history

Mikhail Evlampievich Perkhin was born in the village Akulovskaya, Shuya district, not far from Petrozavodsk. On January 24, 1884 was registered in St. Petersburg craft Council, as a jeweler apprentice (he might studied in the workshop of goldsmith, the chief jeweller of Erik Collin firm). Began his work in Carl Faberge's firm in the 80es, in 1885 became the chief master of the company. M. Perkhin owned his own workshop in Saint Petersburg up to 1903. The merchant of the 2nd guild, an honorary citizen of St. Petersburg since 1895.

While M. Perkhin was the chief painter of Faberge firm, the original style was created which came down to the history of art as the Faberge style. Jewellery made according M. Perkhin's sketches and with his direct participation was always notable for special refinement, expressive forms, aesthetic purity, and, according to the researchers of Carl Fabergé artistic heritage, they were differentiated by a peculiar Russian sentiment.

Exhibits in the Museum Collection