Russian Enamel

Table clock

    Table clock

    Russia, St. Petersburg

    late 1898 - early 1899

    Perkhin gold and silverware workshop, Fabergé firm, Heinrich Moser & Co (clock)

    Silver, ivory, glass, pearls; enamel over guilloche, casting, embossing, presswork, gold-plating

    15.3 х 12.9 cm

    Marks: "FABERGÉ"; "M.P."; tee of St Petersburg district Assay department 1898-1899; alloy "88"; carved "1758". Clock with "66695"


    Table clock in silver enamel frame with silver plates in the Neo Classic style, with ornately shaped kickstand at the back side covered with an ivory plate. Round, enamelled clock dial with black marks, framed with the band of small pearls is placed into rectangular frame with protruding corners. The clock with two dials: a minute dial with sixty graduations together with an hour dial with twelve graduations and Arabic numerals. The  frame surface is decorated with two types of guilloche ornament, covered with opal and green transparent enamel with plated garlands with flowers and leaves, bowknots with waving ribbons (the top edge) and laurel branches (the bottom edge). The frame external edge is decorated with a corrugated ribbon, and the interanl one - with a band of small pearl beads.