Russian Metal Artworks

Wedding chalice

    Wedding chalice

    Russia, Moscow


    Grigoriev workshop

    Silver; manual punch, embossing, gilding

    16.3 х 14.1 х 9.8 cm

    Marks: "ПГ"; Moscow Assay Administration with initials and date АK/1848, silver alloy "84"


    Wedding chalice in the Neo-Rococo style with ornately shaped handle, detachable lid with a grip in the shape of a flower on a stem, with leaves and stand-tray. The body of the chalice is decorated with three medallions-plates under the Imperial crown. On the central medallion – profile pictures of the Crown prince Alexander Nikolaevich (the future Emperor Alexander II) and his wife Maria Alexandrovna, and the inscription: "Imp. H. Alexan. Nicolae. Mary Alexander". On the left medallion - profile image of the Emperor Nicholas I, and the inscription "B. M. (God's grace) Nicholas I Emperor and Autocrat of all-Russian". In the right medallion - the profile image of the Empress (wife of the Emperor Nicholas I), Alexandra Feodorovna, and the inscription: "Alexandra Feodorovna, the Empress".