Russian Metal Artworks



    Russia, St. Petersburg


    Fabergé firm, Rappoport workshop

    Silver; presswork, punchwork, engraving

    Height 20.5 cm; length 43 cm

    Marks: "K. FABERGE", two-headed eagle; "I.P", tee of Saint-Petersburg District Assay department 1899 - 1908, with siver alloy "88"


    Boat-shaped ladle, on a pallet, with low sides and bent grip in the Historicism style. The sides are decorated with the 18th century silver roubles (three coins at each side), framed by the stylised floral-geometrical patterns, with the images of fancy dragons' heads with open gorge on both sides (their analogues can be found in the ancient manuscripts decoration). Plain shaped medallions formed by ornamental wickerwork with flower rosettes and cabochon inserts inside are beneath the spout and the handle. The medallion located beneath the spout with the engraved legend: "LXV 1838 1853 1903". The peluste, inside the figured medallion formed by the stylised floral design, features the engraved monogram.

    Coins: 1762 - with the picture of the Emperor Peter III, 1774 - with the image of the Empress Catherine II, 1732 - with the image of the Empress Anna Ioannovna, 1723 - with the image of the Emperor Peter I, 1725 - with the image of the Empress Catherine I, 1728 - with the image of the Emperor Peter II.