Rappoport workshop

Rappoport Yuliy Alexandrovich (Rappoport Isaak Abramovich, 1851 (?) - 15.10.1917)

One of the leading silver products masters at C. Faberge’s.

A native of the Datnov Jewish Society of the Kovno Province, in the early 1890s he accepted Lutheranism under the name of Yuliy Alexandrovich, so he could work in the capital.

He studied at the goldsmith Scheff’s in Berlin, since 1880 – he was an apprentice in St. Petersburg, since 1884 he headed a silverware workshop in the house number 65 on the Catherine's Channel, which specialized, as they wrote at that time, on "artistic chased works".

Unrivaled master of artistic casting, Y. Rappoport collaborated with famous firm C. Faberge, supplying dishes and utensils, frames for glass, crystal and ceramic vases, animalistic castings, distinguished by their beautiful design and high level of jewelry work.

Exhibits in the Museum Collection