Russian Metal Artworks



    Russia, Moscow


    Ovchinnikov factory

    Silver; casting, punchwork, chasing, engraving

    Height 40 cm; length 44.5 cm

    Marks: "P.OVCHINNIKOV", double-headed eagle, T-shaped mark of Moscow District Assay department 1899 - 1908, with silver alloy "84", certification mark of Moscow District Assay department 1899-1908


    Boat-shaped ladle with low sides, with the spout in the form of a knight's head wearing a helmet, with geometrical grip in the Neo-Russian style. The ladle sides are decorated with punched foliage pattern of magnificent leaves against chiselled background and framing plain shaped medallions on the sides, beneath the spout and grip. The medallion that is beneath the spout has the engraved legend: "Special Imperial Prize is Mercifully Granted by the Emperor to Shemakhin 205th regiment, the best-shooting military unit in 1910 of all infantry forces". Foliage patterns decorate the sides of the bucket grip as well, while its top is ornated with eight semi-precious cabochon inserts. The ladle size and engravings evidence its presentation character.