Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Ladle with the inscription in Cyrillic

    Ladle with the inscription in Cyrillic

    Russian Empire, Oryol province, Bryansk district, Dyatkovo village

    The 1890s

    Boehm E.M. – the sketch author, Dyatkovo Crystal Factory

    Translucent “tea coloured” glass; enamel painting, blowing

    Height 7.4 cm, width 15.8 cm, diameter (along the crown) - 8.2 cm


    The Russian style ladle made of translucent "tea" glass, with ornately shaped handle. Round body ladle with convex walls in the bottom and small spout decorated with four shaped reserves, the images of the bird Sirin and griffin are placed in the two of them. The rest are filled with "scaly" ornament. The reserves themselves are decorated with stylized foliage ornaments and pearls. The image of the Sirin bird is on the ladle handle and is complemented by circular medallion with the inscription, executed in ligature. The ornament is executed in polychrome enamel.