Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art



    Russian Empire

    Second quarter of the 19th century

    Translucent colorless crystal, bronze; blowing, diamond cut (facet cut), knurling, casting, chasing, gilding, chasing

    Height 11.4 cm


    Mug from translucent colorless crystal with bronze belts, spanning the upper and bottom parts, fastened with each other by ornately shaped handle, with hinged bronze lid with finial and thumb ramp. Cylindrical body with small trumpet is cut with “simple diamond” facet in the form of horizontal belt in the upper part and five square segments in the lower part. Rays diverging from the smooth center are on the bottom. Frieze of five-pointed stars adorn narrow belts-spannings. Smooth dome-shaped lid has finial in the form of a stem with leaves and two flowers. Curved handle is in the form of stylized acanthus leaf.