Museum Сollection wishes everyone a Happy New Year!

New Year is one of our favourite holidays, we celebrate it the family circle, with relatives and loved ones – near and dear people. This holiday is filled with a special sentiment of joy and warmth, expectation of changes and renewal of plans.

The symbol of the coming year Dragon is one of the most powerful and vivid animals of the Eastern calendar. In Chinese mythology, the Dragon is endowed with powerful energy and strength, but at the same time it is a wise creature, it is fair and benevolent. Unlike its furry predecessor Rabbit, an exemplary family and domestic personage, the Dragon is full of ambition and thirsty for new experiences, it tries to make the everyday life bright. The Year of the Dragon should be celebrated in accordance with its character – cheerfully, noisy and light-heartedly.

An unusual, interesting and eventful year awaits us. Strong health, inexhaustible optimism, peace and prosperity to you and your loved ones! May the coming 2024th – be a year of genial initiatives and positive changes. Do not be afraid of difficulties and steep turns - this is a direct path to success!

Thank you for being with us in 2023. We hope to see you at the Solyanka museum very soon – we have a lot of interesting plans and ideas in store for you in 2024!