Musical selection for a Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day

Congratulations on a Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day (LULU, for short)! This unusual holiday is celebrated on November 14 all over the world. The Zen approach to life began to be practiced early in the last century by a certain Stephanie West Allen. According to one version of the origin of the holiday, it is she who was its founder with the aim of reminding people "of all the benefits of joy and laughter". You can do anything; the main thing is to be calm, relaxed and carefree.

The holiday Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day may seem insignificant and not serious. But remember how often we cannot relax, calm down, and let things go. Everyone knows that stress has an extremely negative impact on health. Today's holiday calls for a distraction from all our stresses and problems. It is a time when the universe itself demands that people put all the things aside and take a break from their busy schedules and intrusive thoughts. It is also important to focus on just feeling calm and relaxed. This day is a real cure for burnout and breakdowns.

The human psyche is so organized that it cannot be in constant tension, it needs relax. Rest is a basic need for which time should be found along with time for sleeping and eating. Relaxation is the new luxury.

A relaxed person is one who is able to be in a state of mental and physical harmony despite stresses and troubles. Many people confuse relaxation with laziness. Relaxation and laziness have nothing in common.

Modern people are often highly stressed. We have many "obligations" towards family, society and ourselves. If we are constantly worried about something or someone, we feel bad, we feel hopeless and sad, anxious, negative thoughts overwhelm us, as a result: we want to get out of this state as soon as possible.

Carelessness is a necessary and important quality for achieving a harmonious state. It allows a person to free himself from unnecessary stress and focus on the present moment. Carelessness helps us to discover and display our talents, ideas and potential. Carelessness contributes to our emotional stability. When we don't worry about little things and problems, we can cope with emotional challenges more easily. We can afford to be more tolerant and peaceful because we are not under pressure and tension. At the same time, carelessness does not mean being irresponsible or ignoring our responsibilities. It is important to find a balance between carelessness and responsibility so that we can enjoy moments of relaxation and joy without forgetting that we also need to fulfil our responsibilities and care for others.

Unfortunately, this holiday is not an official holiday, which means that there is no day off, but you can afford to have a proper rest after all important business and work. The life of contemporary man is characterized by a frantic pace and a large number of events, which often bring confusion, or even chaos. This leads to increased anxiety level and chronic stress. In some cases, it's helpful to let go of the situation — to stop controlling everything and worrying about messed up plans.

We suggest taking a break and listening to melodic and relaxing music from the museum Collection Phonotheque.

On the cover: Juke-box "Waltonophone", Alfred Leonard Walton, Great Britain, Blackpool, circa 1928
Juke-box, designed to play one of the twelve tunes by choice. Individual audition through a rubber tube with headphones.

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