Rare gramophone records “The Vogue Picture Records”. Part VI

Vogue Records was a short-lived United States-based record label of the 1940s, noted for the artwork embedded in the records themselves. Founded in 1946 as part of Sav-Way Industries of Detroit, Michigan, the discs were initially a hit, because of the colorful artwork novelty, and the improved sound compared to the shellac records dominant at the time. Vogue picture records were of a very high quality, with little surface noise. The first 10-inch Vogue picture record (catalog number R707) was released to the public in May 1946. Production ceased less than a year later in April 1947, with Sav-Way entering into receivership in August 1947. During this time, approximately seventy-four different 10-inch Vogue picture records were released.

Each illustration has an “R” number (or catalog number) printed on it, ranging from R707 to R786. There are gaps in the sequence; not all of the eighty possible catalog numbers were used. There is also a “P” number (or matrix number) printed on the illustration (next to the copyright symbol). The printed matrix number should match the matrix number inscribed in the lead-out area of the record. Normally both sides of a record have the same catalog number, but this is not always the case. Several records were released which had different combinations, such as R725/R726. The combinations were likely due to the hard financial times on which Sav-Way had fallen; they were hard-pressed to come up with new artists near the end of their one-year production life, so they resorted to re-using previously released material. The colorful artwork on the records have made Vogue Records a collector's item.

There are ten such records in the museum Collection Sound Library. The one that is described today bears the number R738.
On one side of this record is a composition “The Forward And Backward Step” (Rhumba Lesson No. 2), author Paul Shahin. Narrated by Ed. Allen, Jr. Music by Kiki Ochart Orchestra.

On the other side – composition ”Give Me All of Your Heart”, authors Lew Garfield – Paul Shahin –Bill Young; performs Dick La Salle and his Society Orchestra.
Digitized recording of the Vogue Picture Record R738 is in the museum Sound Library.

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Vogue Picture Records from the Todd Collection at the University of California, Santa Barbara Library