Tour through the exhibition "Land generous in tender affection". Part II (video)

The second part of the thematic exhibition "Land generous in tender affection" is posted in the section “Video excursions sequence”. The thematic exhibition? Dedicated to Georgia, opened in the museum “Collection” in spring.

The images of Tiflis residents, created by Oskar Schmerling (1863-1938), an artist, teacher and pioneer in Georgian graphic caricature, were used in the exhibition design. Cheerful and colorific images of citizens convey the atmosphere of a Georgian city at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries.

Particular attention in the exposition is given to argani, in other words, the barrel organs built by the Kitesovs family. The unique instruments created by these artisans were distinguished by miraculous sound and high artisanship.

The shots made by the photographer, traveler and explorer Dmitri Yermakov give the contemporary viewer an idea of what Tiflis looked like in the 19th century. Photographs by Yermakov feature the ancient city streets and its inhabitants. As part of the excursion, the visitors will be acquainted with the extensive collection of geographical maps of the Caucasus, the earliest copies of which date back to the late 16th – early 17th centuries.

The peculiar types of various ethnic groups living in these territories are demonstrated by the graphic works of Theodor Horschelt and bronze sculpture of Eugene Lanceray and Felix Khodorovich.

The first and second parts of the video guide through the exhibition "Land generous in tender affection" are posted in "The Walks around the Museum" sequence.