Musical selection "Welcoming the long-awaited summer"

This year the spring was unpleasant, with cold air lingering over the European regions of Russia for a long time. Iven if warm days did occur, they were accompanied by heavy rainfall, gusty winds and cloudy sky. Finally, the long-awaited summer is here. It brings us many experiences and unforgettable emotions. We all hope that summer weather will be on time. Moreover, the weather forecasters are predicting real summer in the coming days.

What do most people associate the coming of summer with? Primarily -- with lightness, freshness, pleasant aromas of blooming nature, and that subtle feeling of change floating in the air. We want to fill everyone with positive energy and enjoy every passing day. One does not have to wait for anything; one should create this mood yourself. Music id one of the strongest stimulators of emotions. It is never sad or disturbing in summer. We always expect change for the better in summer time. Summer is always about movement and change of scenery. Music with be the soundtrack while we go to work, during a trip or holiday, the unexpected meeting with old friends and, of course, adorn new acquaintance.

Our musical selection "Welcoming the long-awaited summer"  is made up of jazz improvisation with optimistic modulations and hopes for the brightest future. That is always the case - we are striving forward. Everyone can hear their own summer in this music, because there are thunderstorms, babbling brooks and the rustling of thick green leaves. Even the summer heat has its own musical motif. Summer is the time to dance or sing something joyful and mischievous. We have chosen songs that for sure will delight all audiences.