Audio story about the song "In the Frontline Forest”

Today’s issue of the "Audio Stories" is timed to the Victory Day. Songs of the war years can be deservedly considered a "musical chronicle" of that time. They were echoed in many genres: solemn anthems, vigorous marches, mournful lamentations and swashbuckling couplets. Today we will talk about the lyrical war song.

The museum Collection Sound Library features a gramophone record, produced in 1942 at the Sverdlovsk regional integrated industrial plant with the song "In the Frontline Forest" performed by Georgy Vinogradov (1908-1980) to the accompaniment of the dombra sextet and a trio of accordionists conducted by Nekrasov. The authors were the poet Mikhail Isakovsky (1900-1973) and the composer Matvey Blanter (1903-1990).

The song "In the Frontline Forest" appeared when military operations were in full swing. The voice of Georgy Vinogradov -- soft lyrical tenor, was the best for performing elegiacs. The song "In the Frontline Forest" narrates about the leisure time before the battle, the words are filled with warm memories of the peaceful life. Composed and far-away manner of Vinogradov manner of singing emphasizes the nostalgic lyric theme, calm and thoughtful performance intonationally echoes the waltz melody.

Musical selections comprised of wartime melodies and rare gramophone records dated back to the 40-50s of the 20th century are presented in the museum Sound Library.