Birthday of Rene Lalique - a prominent representative of Art Nouveau style

Today we are marking the birthday of René Lalique- French jeweler and glassmaker, one of the outstanding representatives of the Art Nouveau style.

René Lalique was called a genius during his lifetime, and is considered such today. Artist, artisan, inventor, the Art Nouveau jeweler and Art Deco glass maker. He patented 16 technologies that he invented, produced an incredible number of items that are considered world acknowledged masterpieces, introduced new non-traditional materials and plots into jewelry. His images in the Art Nouveau style were picked up in illustrations, textiles, and interior decor. Free in actions and inventions, he did not adapt to the opinion of society, but changed its perception, taste and foundations according to his fantasies.

At the birthday of René Lalique, we invite you to examine an album with the photographs of his unique works  presented in the museum Collection repository in the section “Western European Glass Art and Ceramics” and the thematic photo album “Bringing Luck Mascots of René Lalique”.

The story "Flora, Fauna & Femme fatale" about the artist and jeweler Rene Lalique is posted under the heading "Audio Stories". The story is dedicated to the life and work of the legendary artisan that created dynamic works of unusual forms.

The lecture "Emile Galle and Rene Lalique: the magic of glass" is available in our Video Archive. Based on the masterpieces from the museum "Collection" repository the lecture examines the materials and technologies for art glass production invented by talented artists, whose achievements determined the development and trends of glass business.

You can also find the Video clip "Vases and flacons" is in the section Video archive.
The biography of Rene Lalique is in the section "Authors/Producers”.