Video guide “The Ballade about Glass” in the section “Walk through the museum” (video)

To commemorate Emile Galle birth anniversary - an outstanding artist, a real glass alchemist, museum Collection presented a thematic exhibition "The Ballade about Glass", dedicated to one of the artisan’s iconic masterpieces – the Gothic-style liquor service.

The section “Walk through the museum“ is replenished with video guide narrating about this exhibition.

The presented liquor service, made in the 1880-1890s, is a direct reference to the late Middle Ages in France, when the dominance of the Gothic style was replaced by new ideals that became a reflection of the new Renaissance era. The liquor set is comprised of nine items: two paired decanters with stoppers, six glasses and a tray. The service is made of translucent smoky glass interspersed with gold foil and is a direct appeal to the Historicism style, the dominant style that prevailed in all genres of art at the turn of the centuries. In addition to the characteristic form, all items of this set are decorated with relief polychrome plot images and lines from Francois Villon's poem "The Ballade about the Ladies of Bygone Ages", with artistically designed female images inscribed in peculiar monograms.

In addition, on January 25 at 20:00, the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul will host a concert "Emile Galle: the ensouled glass". The program of this unique concert was arranged as part of a partnership project with the Belcanto Charitable Foundation “Sounding Canvases”.

Tickets to the concert are on the website of the Belcanto Charitable Foundation.