Announcement: online opening of the exhibition "Ballad about Glass"

Today at 18:30 the online opening of the chamber thematic exhibition "Ballad about Glass", dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Emile Galle, will take place. The broadcast will take place in the Instagram account of the museum Collection. This is a chamber exhibition dedicated to one of the artisan iconic masterpieces - a nine-piece liqueur set, the decor of which contains references to the Gothic style. The set on display with decorative elements of the Gothic style is a vivid example of the artist boundless creative freedom. Emil Galle flawlessly mastered not only a variety of techniques for creating glass items, but also boldly interpreted the plots and forms of different historical eras.

On July 22, at 18:30, a thematic lecture "Emile Galle and Rene Lalique: the magic of glass" will be held at the museum Collection site. Within the framework of the lecture, the participants will be acquainted with the work of two outstanding innovators and brilliant masters of glasswork art. As exemplified by the masterpieces from the museum Collection repository and other major world museums, the lecture will feature glass art production materials and technologies invented by the talented artists whose achievements determined the vector for art glass making development.