Musical selection "Welcome, jolly winter"

Here, the winter has come – the end of December is already on the desk dairy – it is time to feel the frosty breath of winter. It is getting colder every day. Snow - a real decoration of winter - has already covered the earth, trees and roofs of houses with a lush shining blanket, it brightens up both the cold and short gray days. Intricate frosty designs appeared on the windows. The time of Merry New Year holidays is approaching - time of miracles and desires accomplishment. We will be happy to present and receive gifts, walk along the streets and visit friends, skate and ski ... Some days we will wrap ourselves in warm scarves and hurry from frozen windy streets to our cozy houses to enjoy a cup of warm aromatic tea and listen to our favorite tunes.
A new selection of winter melodies "Welcome, jolly winter" is posted in our Music Library.

On the cover: Musical box for storing cigarsSwitzerland. The 19th century.