Members of the children's council "I am the Builder of the Future" in the museum Collection

Museum Collection welcomed young members of  Children's Council under the Public Council under the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation within the framework of the project  “I am the Constructor of the Future!”

The Children's Council was established to popularize constructional occupations and relative building trades among children, their early career guidance, and increase the level of these professions prestige in society. In addition, it was designed to meet the information needs of children and youth in the area of construction, architecture, housing and communal services; contribute to the development and promotion of various forms of children's participation in the formation of a comfortable urban environment.

The museum Collection founder David Iakobachvili and members of the Public Council under the Ministry of Construction warmly greeted young constructors and architects - the Children's Council members. The excursion program, organized for the children, spanned four exhibition floors, where participants saw self-playing musical instruments and mechanical rarities, including music boxes, organs, orchestrions, barrel organs, player pianos and grand pianos, gramophones and phonographs, accordions, clocks and automata.

After the excursion program, the children took part in a thematic quiz. Upon its completion, all participants received prizes and gifts. 
At the end of the program, all guests enjoyed a festive tea party with Father Frost and Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

Photo report  about the event is in the museum Photo Gallery.