Exhibit in detail: Prize platter of Moscow hunting society

A custom-made prize platter of Moscow hunting society named after Emperor Alexander II* is under the heading "Exhibit in detail" today. This exhibit will be presented at the exhibition "Fedor Lorie and jeweler Egor Cheryatov", which will welcome to visitors from December 3 till the end of February. This is an exceptional event in its significance, as it restores the name of Lorie to the rank of prominent Russian jewelry firms at the turn of the 19th – 20th centuries. The opening of the exposition is timed to coincide with the publication of the Catalogue, which features gold and silver items created by Feodor Lorie firm and its long-term partner - jeweller Egor Cheryatov. This collection was developed over several years. Most of the items were acquired by the founder of the museum, David Iakobachvili at the auction market and will be demonstrated to the Russian audience for the first time. The long-awaited homecoming of these rare and visitable decorative and applied art items enables not only to broaden the concept of Fyodor Lorie and Egor Cheryatov creative work, but to complement the development pattern of gold and silver business in Moscow at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries as well.

The prize platter was made in 1912, for the 50th anniversary of Moscow hunting society named after Emperor Alexander II.
Round polished wooden platter, in smooth silver frame, circle-wise decorated with stylized rivets and three inserts of color cabochon stones on textured background of small squares. Openwork chased silver pattern of curly shoots with fancy flowers, leaves and inserts of color cabochons is overlaid on the platter broad flank, framing curly cartouches and partially overlapping the platter base. Composition featuring hunting attributes is engraved in the upper corner: guns, bags, French horns, knives, clips; dedication inscription in Cyrillic is in the corner: М.О.О. // призъ // В.А. Сартини // полевыя испытанiя // 1912 г.

This dish was presented by the Moscow hunting society named after Emperor Alexander II to the breeder of Irish setters (?) V.A. Sartini on a victory in the field trials, which were carried out to test the dogs’ hunting qualities.

* In November 1862, the Moscow Hunting Society was created on the basis of the Moscow hunters’ club with the aim of ennobling and regulating "rifle" hunting and preventing the threatening extermination of game in Russia.