A story about Emil Galle on the Kultura TV channel (video)

"Artificial selection" is a series of programs dedicated to artists of different epochs and trends, whose work and personal life have become a unique example of opposing the norms of the era. The project mission is to open yet unknown pages of the history of fine art and take a fresh look at the well-known facts. This is a program for people who love visual arts and want to know more about it.

Museum Collection fine art expert Maria Kalinina narrated about Emile Galle (1846-1904) - an outstanding master of art glassmaking, furniture artisan, ceramist, founder of the so-called School of Nancy. His name became the personification of the Art Nouveau era (in France referred to as "Art Nouveau") in the sphere of decorative and applied arts.

At the late 19th century, the interest in applied arts was so high that it attracted the most prominent artisans of the time. In high-tech industries, the practice of "finishing" production "blanks" in art ateliers developed. Leading industries willingly cooperated with craftsmen experimentalists, providing them with laboratories for their creative work, buying their uniquely designed sketches. The talent of Emile Galle crystallized in this creative atmosphere.

Decorative research of Emil Galle was based on the world of flowers and plants - an inexhaustible source of inspiration, a visiting card of the master himself, as well as of the direction that he created. For Galle, form and decor were one whole. The wild Lorraine orchid has become his favorite motif and a kind of official plant of the Art Nouveau style. This flower has a strange shape, an unusual constellation of coloristic motives, as well as a certain touch of some mysterious secret. The same words can be attributed to the entire work of Emil Galle, who converted the customary issues in glassmaking art to the perfect high art, which overmastered the entire direction, the era and time.

Link to publication: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bS7OUX9FSEE
TV channel "Culture". Artificial selection program. Air from 11/13/2021