Thematic photo album for the birthday of Mark Antokolsky

The legacy of the realist sculptor Mark Antokolsky comprises a bright page in the history of Russian art, it is attributed to the treasury of world artistic culture. Mark Antokolsky in his creative work was seeking for new methods of interpreting genre and historical themes, not related to the academic tradition. The most significant works of the sculptor dealing with historical themes and religious plots reflected his patriotic, civic aspirations, his aspiration for a character psychologization and fidelity of historical details. He is especially famous for his works related to the Russian history. In those works, the sculptor reflected the smallest historical details and tried to creat visceral characters. Some of these works are presented in the section "Sculptures" of the museum Collection repository.

Today, on the birthday of Mark Antokolsky, the greatest master of the Russian sculptural school of the second half of the 19th century, we have prepared thematic photo album with the images of his works that are stored in the museum Collection repository.

Life story of the prominent Russian sculptor is in under the heading “Audio Stories”