A story about tea drinking traditions in Russia under the heading "Audio-stories"

At the turn of the 17th-18th centuries, a new extremely popular product appeared in the life of Russian people – it was tea. Along with it, many traditions appeared. Some of them are widely used to our days; others have become a matter of history.

Tea drinking has a significant role in the Russian culture. Tea is truly a versatile drink - it warms up during chilly winter evenings and perfectly cools on a hot summer day, invigorates in the morning and disposes to a leisurely pleasant conversation in the afternoon in the company of intimate friends. The peculiarity of the Russian tea drinking tradition has always been that which surrounded the process itself – people never drank tea on its own. Various snacks were served on the table - crushed sugar, sweet and salty pies, jams and honey, ring-shaped cracknels, bagels, and on holidays - gingerbread. Muscovites are known as special tea lovers. In the capital, as well as throughout the country, poor people could drink tea in taverns and buffets, in inns and teahouses, at fairs and festivities.

A story about tea and the tea drinking traditions in Russia is under the heading "Audio-stories".

The collection section "Decorative Arts and Jewellery” features a variety of items related to tea drinking. These are tea pairs and glass holders, teakettle and sugar bowls, milk jugs and teapots, made by Russian artisans from different materials and in different techniques.


On the cover:  Composition "Tea Party". Germany, Idar-Oberstein. The 20th century