Austrian Art Deco sculptor Josef Lorenzl under the heading "Desuete Names" (video)

Joseph Lorenzl(September 1, 1892 - August 15, 1950) was an Austrian sculptor and ceramist of the Art Deco period, the same era as Ferdinand Preiss (1882-1943) and Demeter Chiparus (1886-1947).

Lorenzl created many bronze and chryselephantine sculptures, while making these sculptures he used both bronze and ivory. He became famous for his sculptures of graceful girls with elongated elegant forms, dancing with their eyes closed. His works were signed as “Enzl”, “Lor”, “R. Lor", "Renz" or "Renzl". The vast majority of the figurines were mounted on Brazilian green onyx stands.

The talented sculptor Lorenzl was also a gifted ceramist. He created works for the Goldsheider Porcelain and Majolica Factory, working in a studio on the premises of the enterprise. Like his chryselephantine pieces, his ceramic works were in high demand and were the epitome of the Art Deco style. Lorenzl also worked for two other Viennese firms - Porzellanfabrik Hertwig & Co. and Keramos Porcelain.

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