New video-guide "Sculpture of the Art Deco era” in “Video excursions sequence” (video)

The Art Deco style that emerged in the mid-1920s, can be deservedly considered the most refined and elegant of all the 20th century art styles. Its origin is associated with the typical French concept of luxury and sophistication that in the 1920s was often expressed in utilizing unusual, exotic materials. The international exhibition held in Paris in 1925 and officially called "Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes" gave birth to the term "Art Deco". This exhibition showed the world luxury goods made in France, proving that Paris remained an international center of style after the First World War. Thus a new art style aroused that was characterized by an appeal to geometry, stylized motives, strict aesthetics of new content, which replaced sophisticated forms of the Art Nouveau style.

Our new video clip will introduce you to the key events in the history of the Art Deco style and the distinctive features of this many-sided style, where many issues are mixed. The love for classical art there coexisted with avant-garde experiments, and sophisticated craft techniques - with a passion for advanced industrial technologies. You will be acquainted with the exposition section, which presents a number of outstanding works by European sculptors, representativesof the Art Deco era, such as Demetre Chiparus, Armand Godard, Claire Colinet, Ferdinand Preiss and others. Their works can be examined in detail in the collection section “Sculptures”.