Photo album "Peasant harvesting" in our Photo gallery

The late summer and early fall is not only one of the most beautiful, but also the most generous and lush period of the year. The theme of harvesting, reaping time and plough-tail labor is reflected in folklore, literature and applied art. In the photo album "Peasant harvesting" - a selection of art bronze images from the museum "Collection" repository, dedicated to peasant labor and harvesting is posted.

The works of Leonid Pozen, Eugene Lanceray, Matthew Chizhov and other artisans are posted on the museum website, in the section "Sculptures".

A photo of a rare item from the museum Collection exposition – the interior set in the Russian style "Relaxing during harvesting", consisting of a clock and two paired sculptures depicting a peasant and a peasant woman is on the cover.

Casted in 1874. The sculptural composition on the clock case is the author's interpretation of Viktor Vasnetsov drawings "Harvesting". The clock case is made according to the sketch of Monighetti.