Musical selection for the birthday of Boris Alexandrov - Soviet conductor and composer

Boris Alexandrovich Alexandrov, Soviet conductor and composer, Hero of Socialist Labor, was born in 1905, in the early days of August. Music surrounded Boris since childhood: his father composed music, conducted, taught students, played the piano and violin. Mother had beautiful voice. Boris began his musical career with his father's choir, graduated from the Tver School of Music. In 1918, he was admitted to the children's choir of the Bolshoi Theater, participated in the activities of the choir of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Then he studied at the Moscow Conservatory. During the Great Patriotic War, Boris Alexandrov, being a conductor in his father's ensemble, often went up the lines with him to fighting lines. For almost 40 years, starting in 1946, he headed the ensemble founded by his father, and toured with it almost all over the USSR.

The most known work of Boris Alexandrov is the operetta "Wedding in Malinovka" (1936), which was filmed in 1968 and which is regarded as a significant contribution to the Soviet operetta. Not less famous are the ballet "The Lefty" based on the tale by Nikolai Leskov, the songs "Soldiers were walking", "Song about Lenin" and many others. In the early 1970s, Boris Alexandrov was awarded the military rank of Major General. Moreover, in 2005, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation established Boris Alexandrov medal.

For the birthday of the renowned conductor, we have prepared a musical selection made up of pieces performed by A.V. Alexandrov Ensemble.