Photo album for the international day of dogs "A man is a friend of a dog ..."

“Take, for example, all the dogs you and I have known.
Each has its own peculiar soul, its own habits, its own character
Alexander Kuprin

Dogs have been man's best friends for thousands of years - they were domesticated about 30 thousand years ago. Their devotion has become a common name, poems are written about it, songs are sung and heart-piercing films are created. In total, according to the most conservative estimates, the inhabitants of the planet keep more than 520 million dogs - dachshunds and fox terriers, Labrador dogs and poodles, toy terriers, Moscow Watchdogs, etc. In Russia, according to the estimates of dog breeders, there are about 12 million dogs of various breeds.

The dog is, of course, a man's friend. The most loyal and reliable friend. A dog feels the mood of the owner and will never betray him.

On July 2, it is customary to celebrate the Day of Dogs in many countries. While this date has not yet been officially recognized, some countries have announced their national "dog" holidays. On January 11, Japan celebrates the Day of Dog, which was proclaimed in honor of the world famous dog of the Akita-inu breed, which for 9 years after the death of the owner came to meet him at the railway station. In the UK, Dog Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of April, in the US on 26 August. In our country on June 21, the Day of the dog handler is celebrated in honor of the opening of the first police breeding kennel in Russia. There is another wonderful holiday - International Day with Dogs at Work, when anyone can spend a day at work with their four-footed pet.

The first law on animal rights, which was adopted in the late 17th - early 18th centuries in Japan, concerned dogs. According to this law, killing a dog was punishable by death, and residents had to turn to stray dogs "noble Dog". But time and morals change quickly ...

Nevertheless, the masterpieces of literature remain for centuries. In addition, if we recollect dogs in works of art, then, of course, the dog from the story of Gavriil Troyepolsky "White Bim Black Ear" is the first one to think about it. How many tears have been shed over this book! On the other hand, a heart piercing story from the story of Anton Chekhov's "Kashtanka". It would seem that everyone knows the plot, but more and more readers find themselves in the circus with the rust-colored dog “Tyotka”, are acquainted with the unusual inhabitants of the mysterious apartment and finally worry about the fate of Kashtanka. Dramatic events also take place in the story of Ivan Turgenev "Mumu". In the collection of stories by A.I. Kuprin about animals, among others the stories "White Poodle" and "Peregrine Falcon" are presented.

Each dog has its own habits and its own character. For example, a perky, cheerful puppy from "Dasha" by Karel Čapek. The Czech classic wrote the story of the dog that lived with Čapek based on his own observations. He painted and photographed his pet. Dasha was created to delight and entertain her owner, and then the red-haired Irish setter Mars from Ivan Shmelev story "My Mars" is awakening the best moral virtues in the people.

A separate field in the "doggy" literature is "diaries", "notes" and "memories" of dogs. Every owner would like to find out what his four-footed friend thinks of him. Many writers have tried this funny trick. The most famous is "The dairy of fox terrier Mickey” by Sasha Chorny.

English writer Jerome K. Jerome, when he wrote “Three Men in a Boat, Not Counting a Dog”, did not have a dog. However, the image turned out to be so lively and loved by the readers so much that they could not be convinced: Montmorency exists! When, after the book publication, the writer decided to get a dog, he had no doubts: it should only be a fox terrier – the splitting image of Montmorency.

Those who like to laugh will surely like the stories of Nikolai Nosov - "Friend", in which the main character, because of the dog, was in the center of a real sitcom and "Bobik visiting Barbos", based on which a wonderful cartoon was shot, as well as a story "Vitya Maleev at school and at home", in which, thanks to the dog named Lobzik, his owner returned to senses. Those who are just planning to have a four-footed friend and do not yet know anything about a dog's life will find a lot of interesting and useful information about dogs in the encyclopedia “Dogs. Encyclopedia".

For the International Day of Dogs, we have prepared thematic photo album "A man is a friend to a dog, everyone around knows it!"

On the cover: "Maiden with dog”. 1906, Paolo Trubetskoy.

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