Joint project of the Belcanto Foundation and museum Collection

On June 4, the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul will host a concert "Emile Galle: the ensouled glass". Compositions by the prominent artisan contemporaries will sound in it - Claude Debussy, Erik Satie, Maurice Ravel, Reynaldo Hahn and Gabriel Urbain Faure. This unique program has been prepared within the framework of the partnership project with the Belcanto Charitable Foundation.

The unusually eventful historical period at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries is now known to us as the heyday of the "new art" – the Modern style. Europe is entering the period of rapid industrial development; the idea of "transforming life by means of art" is maturing amid creative environment, abandoning outdated academic forms in favor of harmony and authenticity.

New trends are emerging in all artistic spheres. The idea of impressionism, allowing conveying vividly and directly the variability and mobility of the surrounding world, at first rejected by an eclectic society, is gaining strength in painting, music, architecture, and applied art.

The famous composer-reformer, one of the founders of musical Modern and Impressionism, Eric Satie, recalling conversations with Claude Debussy about trends in music of that time, wrote: "We must have our own music ... why not use the same visual artefacts for these purposes, which we have already seen in Claude Monet, Cezanne ... and others works? "

These several decades turned out to be unusually prodigal of geniuses and undoubtedly, one of them was the amazing Emile Galle - an artist, botanist, philosopher, art theorist, poet, designer and artisan, whose name became an identifying moniker for a state of being for the extremely popular trend in the creation and production of artistic glass. Like the Impressionists in painting and music, Galle was a true innovator in his sphere. A unique combination of delicate taste, deep scientific knowledge, technical skills and belief that the roots of the new art were "in forests, on the banks of streams, among marsh grasses", allow Galle not only create his own recognizable "floral style", but to offer previously unknown glass processing methods as well. Such, for example, was the technique of enamel painting that he invented, which the master called clair-de-lune ("moonlight"). One cannot help but recall the famous opus by Claude Debussy with the same wonderful title!

Summer twilight, soaring notes, smooth forms, transparent colors and sounds are giving the harmony that the great Frenchmen of the Art Nouveau era sought and created.

Tickets for the concert are on Charitable Foundation Belcanto website.