Museum stories: "Leonid Pozen - the sculptor of peasants' life" (video)

We proceed with the circuit "Museum Stories" and invite you to acquaint with the next video clip – life story of Leonid Vladimirovich Pozen, the Itinerant sculptor and politician (state councilor, and then privy councilor). Leonid Pozen was a full member of the Imperial Academy of Arts (since 1894), senator of the Criminal Cassational Department of the Governing Senate (since 1912).

Conversely, without specialized artistic education, Leonid Pozen is known as a distinctive and peculiar sculptor of paramount interest. The topic of peasants’ life and their daily routine, depicted in the spirit of realism - without embellishment, passed through the whole work of Leonid Pozen as the in the veritable refrain. All sculptures of Pozen are meticulously detalized and elaborated.

Leonid Pozen lived a long and eventful life. He gained the greatest fame for his cabinet genre compositions on the topics of everyday life and history of the Ukrainian people. Works of Leonid Pozen are stored in many museum collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, Kiev Museum of Russian Art, Odessa Art Museum, Poltava Art Museum and museum Collection.