Today is the birthday of David Iakobachvili - the museum Collection founder

David Mikhailovich, the united team of the museum Collection sincerely congratulates you on your birthday.

We are happy that we have the opportunity to work with you, we are proud that we can participate in the evolvement of a unique humanitarian project created by you - the museum Collection, contribute to its development and prosperity, and facilitate to its progress.

Dear David Mikhailovich, success is a proficiency to change the world. Just a little bit. You have succeeded - in just a few years of its existence, the museum "Collection" that you created, has already gained worldwide fame among art connoisseurs,  collectors and public.

Birthday as a personal New Year. You can summarize and make plans. Today, on your birthday, we invite all our esteemers, friends and partners, as well as all those who have not yet had the possibility to visit the museum "Collection", - to watch video clip, which demonstrates the major landmarks of the gone year, highlights our progress, achievements  and new projects of the museum.

We sincerely wish you new horizons, many years of fruitful activity and realization of everything that you have in mind. Well-being to you and your loved ones.