Thematic photo album "Bull - a symbol of 2021"

The 2020th turned out to be a difficult year, but it is over. A Bull symbolizing the coming year 2021 according to the Eastern calendar, is a powerful, resolute, reliable, hardworking animal. Honest by nature, he is a true adherent of his native land, ambitious, believes in the supreme value.

The incredibly stubborn Bull persistently, but slowly, moves towards the goal, maturely assessing his capabilities and not neglecting his beliefs. A careful plan and a detailed schedule help him achieve success.

On the first day of the new year, within the framework of the joint project “Finance. Art. Technologies” between the information and financial service “Выберу.ру” and museum Collection, we publish the New Year photo album with the images of the coming year symbol - a Bull. The album features items from the museum Collection sections "Western European Metal Artworks” and "Lapidary Works of Art".

Stockbrokers have two totem animals - a bull and a bear. The nature of an investor determines his exchange strategy: bulls are bullish; bears are pushing the market and rates. Time will tell whether the eastern bull, the symbol of the coming year, will accompany the growth of stocks, markets and our finances. To offer insight into how these symbols appeared, read the material prepared by the Collection Museum for “Выберу.ру”.

You will learn more following the New Year publications of  "Выберу.ру" in the "TITLE" section, and when the restrictions end, we will welcome you in the museum Collection at Solyanka street, 16 in Moscow.