"Finance. Art. Technologies". The New Year project of "Выберу.ру" (www.vbr.ru) and Museum Collection

Dear friends, seeing off the 2020th, we are launching the New year project. Every day from December 31, 2020 to January 10, 2021, together with the information and financial service www.vbr.ru, we will post online the Christmas stories describing how technology and art have changed the world due to finances and philanthropists.

Within new realities, the acquaintance with art without leaving home is a familiar practice. Project “Finance. Art. Technologies” will cover interesting facts dealing with inventions, thanks to which modern IT Goliaths and music platforms appeared; will expand knowledge about multifarious maps that bankers of the past have successfully invested in; will touch upon the issues of commercial and marketing secrets of the street musicians business – the “self-employed” of the 19th century. Within the project framework you will be able to observe the desk in the office of a banker-moneylender and find out which security has been in use for almost a thousand years.

The unique video and photographic materials of the museum Collection will introduce self-playing instruments and such clever perforated paper rolls that the computers’ designers appropriated in the 20th century. The project will feature popular melodies of the New Year from the past centuries, and mechanical dancers will perform polkas and waltzes. You will be able to walk through the museum Collection galleries and examine minute details of organs and their mechanisms, automata and mystery clocks, consider collections of silver, crystal and glass and uncover the secrets of laying the festive Christmas table.

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